Geovariances and Datamine co-hosted advanced geostatistics seminar

May 16-19, 2017
Wells, United Kingdom - Datamine International Offices

Resulting from the agreement giving exclusive access to Isatis’ geostatistical algorithms to Datamine, Geovariances and Datamine will co-host an advanced geostatistics training seminar

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn about the theoretical principles behind multivariate grade estimation, Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis and Uniform Conditioning and how they are applied within Datamine’s Studio RM software.

Advanced geostatistics training seminar

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  • Multivariate Estimation
  • Cross Variogram
  • Co-Kriging
  • Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis
  • Uniform Conditioning
  • Localized Uniform Conditioning


4 days training: $2,500 (US) per person

Who should attend

Resource Geologists | Resource Evaluation Professionals | Exploration Geologists | Mining Engineers