IAMG 2017

September 2-9, 2017
Perth, WA, Australia - Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges

Don't miss the opportunity to attend the short course by Geovariances consultant in Australia David Barry made in partnership with Dr Marat Abzalov:
"Non-Linear Geostatistics with an emphasis on Localised Uniform Conditioning (LUC)"

Date: Friday 8 September 2017
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Notre Dame, Room TBC
Cost: A$130


In the mining industry, it is well understood that tonnage and average grade of ore which can be profitably recovered from a given deposit depends on how selectively the given deposit is mined. In other words, correct prediction of the tonnage and grade of recoverable resources requires consideration of the dimensions of selectively minable units (SMU) representing the smallest blocks at which ore will be separated from waste during mining.

Thus, resources have to be reported at the support matching to the mining selectivity which requires application of the non-linear geostatistical methods based on conversion of the sample (quasi-point) distributions to distribution at the given SMU volume.

This course introduces the most common change-of-support methods and provides a more detailed explanation of the Localised Uniform Conditioning (LUC).


Course Outline: Change of Support Concept, Global Change of Support Methods: Affine Correction and Discrete Gaussian Change of Support, Local Change of Support Methods, Localised Uniform Conditioning method and case study). Application of the LUC method for estimating recoverable resources will be learned in practice by using Minestis© software.

Geovariances is to give a short course during IAMG 2017

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