Sumatra Miner 2017

March 22-23, 2017
Sumatra, Indonesia - Novotel Palembang Hotel, South Sumatra, Indonesia

In partnership with Geovariances, PT. SMG Consultants Indonesia is to present:

Why should I use non-linear estimation technics?

by Keith Whitchurch, PT. SMG Consultants Indonesia President D.  and Johann Dangin, Geovariances Pty ltd Managing Director

Session 3: Mineral Exploration, Design and Planning
Wednesday – March 22, 2017
01:00 pm – 03:00 pm


“An increasing focus is being placed in commercial transactions and investment decisions on tonnes above a cut-off grade.  For example, it is not uncommon to see the sale price of a project in a sales and purchase agreement specific solely in terms of tonnes at a specified grade.  Estimation of tonnes at a grade almost always involves discarding low grade material below a cut-off grade such that the remaining material averages the target grade. ( e.g. 1.4% Ni cut off for a 1.8%Ni Average)

Traditional Linear estimation methods such as Inverse distance and kriging tend to smooth estimates towards the mean grade, often underestimating tonnages above a moderately high cut off.

This presentation uses a lateritic nickel deposit to explore the differences between linear and non-linear estimation techniques and show how the use of non-linear estimation techniques translates to a better commercial outcome.”



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