Webinar | Sample clustering into domains: discover a solution that makes it fast and reliable

June 13, 2017 - 3pm Perth time / 9am Paris time
Webinar - Online

Find out how Minestis automates sample clustering into geological domains in an efficient and sound way, paving the way for reliable implicit modeling.

Automated sample classification into domains with Minestis

Classifying samples into geological domains must be achieved prior to envelop modeling. This may prove rather fastidious and fairly subjective, especially as you deal with big amounts of samples.
Do you know that Minestis, Geovariances all-in-one software solution for mineral resource estimation, offers a unique feature so called Automatic Domaining which groups borehole samples into domains in an automatic way?



Tuesday 13 June 2017
3:00 pm Perth time
9:00 am (Paris time)

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With this webinar of 30 minutes, you will discover how Minestis allows you:

  • to quickly identify homogeneous zones from grade values and lithology information (or any categorical variables) taking into account the distance between samples,
  • to assign a given domain to each drillhole sample,
  • to quickly update sample classification into domains as new data becomes available,
  • to use this classification to support implicit modeling.