Webinar: Your data… What guarantees do they bring to your remediation budget?

November 24, 2016
Webinar -

In half an hour, discover why preliminary data quality control is essential for a better controlled decontamination budget.

No serious decision related to the decontamination of a site can be made without a preliminary quality investigation. But how to be sure of the appropriate quantity and quality of the data on which you base your diagnosis? How to check their consistency with the objectives and stakes attached to the decisions you need to make?



Thursday 24 November 2016
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm (Paris time)


You will discover how Kartotrak, our software solution for contaminated site characterization, helps you:

  • analyze in details and understand your data,
  • quickly locate potentially problematic measuring points or,
  • identify specific behaviors.

Once validated and put in their local context thanks to an integrated GIS, your data will provide you with a sound basis for informed decision making.


> Un webinaire est également programmé le 22 novembre 2016 en français.


For more information, please contact Jean-Jacques Péraudin.