Kartotrak allows real-time data acquisition

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Kartotrak allows real-time data acquisition Kartotrak is used on-site for streaming data acquisition to achieve a simplified exploratory data analysis and a fast mapping.

Kartotrak is connected to a GPS and several measuring devices allowing a real-time monitoring of covered areas for a quick and non-destructive survey.

Kartotrak ease of use helps you:

  • Manage the characterization project daily with an iterative update of the sampling plan.
  • Highlight potential issues and position additional investigation.
  • Iteratively reduce the surface to be thoroughly characterized.
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Kartotrak can be embedded in a 4-wheel drive truck for streaming data acquisition (here, CEA VEgAS, vehicle for the radiological evaluation of site)

Kartotrak is used on site to measure and store the contamination concentration on a spot.

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Kartotrak records sample GPS positions and stores measurements in the database as they are acquired

Download the video and see how Kartotrak automatically records sample values and locations

Kartotrak can connect with the following positioning and radiological data delivery systems:

- GPS with NMEA output,
- All ORTEC "CONNECTIONS" products, including the latest mechanically cooled, integrated HPGe spectrometers: Detective, Trans-SPEC and IDM series, and digi-BASE products for NaI spectrometry,
- Germanium detector by CANBERRA,
- DSP detector by SAPHYMO.

Geovariances offers development services to interface other measuring devices with Kartotrak.

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