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Module 1: Data Analysis and Block Kriging

Key Issues in Resource Estimation
Module 1: Data Analysis and Block Kriging

Learn the key concepts impacting data analysis and block kriging - 2-day introductory course.

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This module offers a complete insight into how applied geostatistics can provide a rigorous approach to in-situ resource estimation procedures from mining data analysis to block kriging. This seminar may be complemented by a second module that delves into some of the most advanced geostatistical techniques, giving hints and pitfalls on how to use them.

The module may be complemented by an additional day for practicing on real data with Isatis (workshop format).


The course offers an optimum blend of theoretical concepts and examples demonstrating the results of these methods using Isatis software. No Isatis manipulation of the software is required from the participants.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at geologists, engineers and project managers who want to consolidate their know-how of Linear Geostatistics.

Course contents

Module 1: Data Analysis and Block Kriging

  • Expert tools for data analysis: border effects and contact analysis
  • Data compositing
  • Top Cut Analysis
  • Krigng Neighbourhood Analysis, Ordinary Kriging vs. Simple Kriging
  • Defining an adapted Estimation Strategy (2D-3D)


A sound knowledge of linear geostatistics is a plus.

To extend your knowledge, we recommend that you also attend the second part of this short course which covers recoverable resource estimation and resource classification : Key Issues in Resource Estimation - Module 2: Recoverable Resources and Classification.

This course may be scheduled for any date and/or location at your convenience. Tailored courses may also be organized on client demand. Please contact your sales representative to request more information.

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