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Conditional Simulations

Gain a sound understanding of the concepts and techniques of conditional simulations for application to common mining issues - 5-day advanced course (can also be delivered in 4 days).

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Note that this course is also available in French.

The course may also be reduced to 4 days and delivered in a more compact version. Please contact your sales representative for more info.


Geostatistical simulation techniques provide robust and valuable tools for helping to solve mining problems associated with risk and uncertainty. This course will provide you with a sound understanding of the concepts and techniques of conditional simulation for application to common mining issues, whatever your software package.

Key features

This course is focused on mining issues:

  • Simulation for continuous and categorical variables
  • Simulation concepts and theory explained in a clear and concise way
  • Demonstrations and examples using Isatis
  • Plenty of hands-on exercises with Isatis to reinforce and explore concepts.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at geologists, engineers and others seeking a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of conditional simulation for mining applications.

Course content

  • Reminders of linear and non-linear geostatistics and their role in assessing uncertainty

    • Dispersion variance
    • Change of support
    • Information effect
  • Simulating continuous variables - Turning bands and Sequential Gaussian simulation
  • Simulating categorical variables - Sequential indicator, Truncated Gaussian and pluri-Gaussian simulation
  • A comprehensive guide to simulation using Isatis
  • Case studies

    • Assessing risk and uncertainty of grade estimates
    • Optimising sampling strategies
    • Tools for grade control


As the course refers to advanced geostatistics concepts, it is highly recommended that attendees have a reasonable knowledge of variography and kriging.

This course may be scheduled for any date and/or location at your convenience. Tailored courses may also be organized on client demand. Please contact your sales representative to request more information.

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