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The new Isatis 2017 is out!

Air-Soil-Water... Contaminated Sites Mining Oil & Gas

Discover Isatis 2017 new functionalities for kriging and sampling optimization and surface handling. It also provides resource geologists with an innovative and smart way of classifying mineral resources.

Our consulting team has been busy teaching and mentoring new clients offering non-metallic products resources with Isatis, Minestis and geostatistics

Minestis provides the reporting facilities that are fully compliant with the mining reporting codes requirements. It is the ideal software for resource review and audit, ensuring the transparency required in the reporting of your review...

Try, verify how quick and easy it is to get accurate and realistics contamination maps and get a discount on the purchase of licenses. Offer valid until March 31, 2017.


Latest news from Geovariances Environment Consulting Corner

Air-Soil-Water... Contaminated Sites

Geovariances is involved in two Ademe-funded projects: Geobapa which main issue is to facilitate the materials exchange resulting in an increase of the reuse rate of materials and Cartorisk which main objective is to provide city...

We offer you to try Minestis for a full month with your own dataset. And, if you're happy with it, you'll get it at a discounted price. Start now!