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What’s new in Isatis 6.0?
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You were waiting for it!
We are offering you the third dimension with ISATIS new 3D VIEWER: the extension of your deposit, the geometry of your reservoir, the volume of the pollution you are tracing are now fully visible with ISATIS!

- Access the 3rd dimension with ISATIS 3D VIEWER

  • ISATIS 3D Viewer is the major new feature in ISATIS 6.0.
    (optional module not included in your current maintenance contract, please contact your sale representative for more information).

    It uses the well-known technology from Open Inventor. You will be able to visualize your lines, surfaces, block models, closely, from all the points of view...
Click on the image below to launch the demo

(the following new features are part of your maintenance contract)

- Improved interfaces for seamless data exchanges

  • Import for Boreholes with Deviation Survey Data.
    You will be able to import boreholes from separate CSV files and combine the following: Collar information, Assay information, Survey information, Auxiliary information (geology, etc.).
  • Load faults in Zmap-plus / Landmark formats.
  • Export to Eclipse (3D) or CMG formats for 3D grids.

- Still improving accuracy and reliability for reservoir volume prediction

The Volumetrics application has been improved to give you more flexibility in combining/matching simulation outcomes in calculations (possibility to link simulated properties). Besides, several functionalities have been added:

    • New way to define randomization laws with graphic control;
    • Petrophysical properties can be read from 2D or 3D grids;
    • New “Volume Expansion Factor”;
    • Check of petrophysics values;
    • Improved printout.

- New algorithm for the SGS and new functionalities in the PGS

  • Extended Sequential Gaussian Simulations.
    This new version of SGS is developped in addition to the standard SGS. It makes use of a proper Search Neighborhood for the data - data is no longer migrated at the grid nodes.
    The Cosimulations in SGS makes use of a genuine sequential approach instead of a simplified algorithm.
    You will have the choice between using the same sequential path for all simulations or generating a new path for each simulation.
    A Test Window is added in order to check neighborhood configurations
  • Petrophysical properties are now taken into account in Plurigaussian Simulations.
    Auxiliary variables - typically petrophysical parameters - can be kriged or simulated on the Stratigraphic grids and the results merged back into the Structural grid.
    It also offers to enter seismic constraints in the calculation of the proportion matrix.

  • Proportion Curves editor for PGS.
    New Vertical Proportion Editor and export of VPCs into Lines are now available.

- And even more because your needs are our concern

  • Weighted variables in EDA.
    You can now introduce a Weight Variable to ponderate calculations in relevant statistical graphs.
  • Copy Variables using ID.
    You may copy several variables of any type - including alphanumeric and macro variables - from one sample of a file to another sample of another file ... based on the knowledge of a common “ID variable” or “Pointer”.
  • New drivers for usual 2D graphics.
    PNG & TIFF raster formats have been added.
  • ISATIS 64-bit version.
    64-bit version of ISATIS is now available for Solaris operating system.

More details in ISATIS 6.0 Release Notes (for registered Isatis users only)....

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