Geostatistical Filtering of Seismic Data

Learn how to design a data driven filter to remove noise and footprints.

The course is delivered in 4×2-hour online training sessions over 4 consecutive days by our experienced instructors.
You only need an internet connection and headphones with a microphone.

Price for the 8 hours: 500€

Be careful: session hours are given in Paris time.


This course will help you understand the geostatistical filtering key principles for seismic cubes cleaning. At the end of the course, you will know how to build an optimal filter for each dataset.

Session 1

Seismic filtering for univariate case:

  • Presentation of factorial kriging and kriging with filtering
  • Demonstration with Isatis: Velocity and amplitude filtering

Session 2

Seismic filtering for bivariate case:

  • Presentation of multi-acquisition factorial kriging
  • Demonstration with Isatis: application to 4D signature enhancement

Session 3

Filtering enhancement with Local Geostatistics:

  • Determining local values for kriging parameters
  • Impact of the use of local parameters

Session 4

Link between geophysics and geostatistics:

  • The covariance and the power spectrum
  • The spline interpolation and kriging

Introduction to stochastic inversion


Knowledge of Kriging theory and practice.