Geostatistical Simulations Post-Processing | Integration of Dynamic Data

Learn how to QC and enhance geological models using geostatistical simulations.

The course is delivered in 4×2-hour online training sessions over 4 consecutive days by our experienced instructors.
You only need an internet connection and headphones with a microphone.

Price for the 8 hours: 500€

Be careful: session hours are given in Paris time.


At the end of the course, you will know which advanced methods to use for QCing and enhancing geological models while accounting for the presence of drains in the reservoir.

Session 1

Reminder on Mathematical Morphology tools:

  • Erosion, Dilation, Opening, Closing
  • Connected components

Implementation of Mathematical Morphology algorithms in Isatis:

  • Overview of Grid Operations

Session 2

Advanced functionalities in Isatis:

  • Data management: selections, calculator, link with Petrel
  • Advanced scripting facilities

Testing connections between wells

Session 3

Honoring wells connection information in geostatistical simulations:

  • Calculation and practical use of connected bodies
  • Advanced static models QC
  • Inference of geological model parameters

Session 4

Honoring wells connection information in geostatistical simulations:

  • Accounting for faults and fractures
  • Definition and use of pilot points in complex cases

Control of connected bodies shape:

  • Classification of realizations

Practical integration in geomodeling software workflows


Knowledge of Kriging theory and practice.