Variography fundamentals

Learn the art of variography with Isatis


This one-day course is aimed at giving participants a detailed presentation of experimental variography and variography modelling capabilities of Isatis. A strong focus is placed on the practical choice of parameters and illustrated with applications on real data.

Key Features

The course offers an optimum blend of theoretical grounding and practical exercises on real mining data using Isatis software. The art of variography should be more accessible and embedded in a coherent resource modelling perspective at the end of the session.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at geologists and engineers who want to consolidate their know-how in Isatis for variography (experimental, modelling, validation).

Course content

  • Ultra rapid refresher on geostatistical framework;
  • Experimental variography: 2D and 3D calculations demystified;
  • The importance of domaining re-emphasised;
  • Impact of clustering on experimental calculations;
  • Impact of extreme values;
  • Inference of nugget effect;
  • Gaussian transforms;
  • Variogram modelling;
  • Cross-validation; and
  • Multivariate models.


None. Some notions of linear geostatistics will be advantageous.