September 3-6, 2018
Barcelona, Spain - Edif. Este, Moll de Barcelona, s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Attend the presentation by our experts and colleagues at ECMOR XVI to find out more about a new workflow to handle Time-Depth Conversion.

Attend ECMOR XVI Poster Session Reservoir Characterization at 6:50 pm on Monday 3rd September
A Case Study Of A New Time-Depth Conversion Workflow Designed For Optimizing Recovery
P. Correia* (Geovariances), H. Binet (Geovariances), J.M. Chautru (Geovariances), N. Nosjean-Gorgeu (Neptune Energy), D. Renard (Mines ParisTech),


To optimize hydrocarbons recovery and quantify future production risks, it is necessary to accurately characterize traps geometry. This geometry is estimated from both seismic and well data, using Time-Depth conversion methods. This characterization is a critical issue in reservoirs with thin beds, as the uncertainty on horizons depth can lead to large variations of beds thickness…

Every two years, the ECMOR conference gathers applied mathematicians and geoscience engineers from both academia and industry to focus on recent advances in geological and reservoir modelling.

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