Fontevraud 9 International Symposium

September 17-20, 2018
Avignon, France - Palais des Papes

Attend Geovariances' paper presentation made in partnership with Areva (now Orano Group) about the use of geostatistics to characterize the carbon content in reactor vessel hemispherical heads.

Geostatistical carbon content mapping of EPR vessel heads using mobile spectrometer
Y. Desnoyers (1) ; M. Segond (2) ; O. Calonne (3) ; H. Binet (1)
(1) Geovariances, France; (2) AREVA NP , France; (3) AREVA NP, France

The quality of steel pieces forged at AREVA NP Le Creusot site is a key issue for nuclear safety. Recently the segregation phenomenon of carbon element in reactor vessel hemispherical heads has been intensively investigated to demonstrate compliance with safety standards. Indeed, the carbon content may influence mechanical properties of the material, its toughness in particular. This paper intends to summarize the geostatistical characterization works on the experimental carbon measurements program performed on various EPR sacrificial vessel heads as well as on the installed FA3 EPR upper and lower domes. The emphasis is put on the quantification of the different sources of uncertainty related to both experimental measurement device and geostatistical mapping of carbon content from discrete sampling.

Geovariances is at Fontevraud 9

SFEN International Syposium on Contribution of  Materials Investigations and Operating Experience to Light Water NPPs’ Safety, Performance and Reliability

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