Workshop “Statistical methods for safety and decommissioning” – Groupement de Recherche Mascot-Num

November 21-22, 2022
Avignon, France - Campus Hannah Arendt, Université d'Avignon

Geovariances has been invited to share its vast experience using the variogram for data exploration and contamination modeling. Our expert in radiological contamination characterization, Yvon Desnoyers, will give a dedicated lecture on these issues.

Smart use of the variogram to explore spatial data, break down variance contributions, and model radiological contaminations

by Yvon Desnoyers

Abstract: Before performing any modeling and estimation calculation, the first and main part of any geostatistical study is to work on the dataset intensively to explore and validate it. In addition to classical statistics tools such as basemap, histogram, and scatter plot, the variogram strengthens this analysis by the identification of spatial inconsistencies, the decomposition of the different variability contributions (between sample duplicates, measurement replicates, and spatial variability), and consequently by the interpretation and modeling of the spatial structure. This presentation will describe and detail the advanced and smart use of the variogram through several radiological contamination cases.


Workshop “Statistical methods for safety and decommissioning”

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