Geodays 2022

June 14-15, 2022
Pau, France - PALAIS BEAUMONT, Allée Alfred de Musset

Find out more about geostatistics and how the approach can help you reveal and understand the underground. Meet our team during the B2B meetings.

Geostatistics is a perfect solution to produce 3D models of the geology and geotechnical parameters of the subsurface. Its strength is that it allows delivering objective models based on mathematics while characterizing associated uncertainties, which gives information about their reliability.

To know more about geostatistics and how it supports geologists and geotechnical engineers in their interpretation and decision-making, we invite you to make an appointment and discuss with Hélène Binet, consultant at Geovariances, and Jean-Jacques Péraudin, Director of Services and Business Development:


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