Webinar | Isatis.neo, discover the new features in version 2022.04

May 23, 2022, 4:30 PM CET
Webinar - Online

Join our 30-min webinar to learn more about the latest release of Isatis.neo. Maëlle Palabe, product manager, and David Barry, senior geostatistician, will demonstrate the software's new features and major improvements and answer all your questions.

Six major novelties in this release:

  1. A new interface for variogram fitting with a new constrained mode that allows locking some variogram parameters’ values or range of values (sills, ranges, nugget, anisotropy) and getting optimized values for the parameters that are not blocked and a measurement of the goodness of fit (GoF) to compare models.
  2. A new neighborhood explorer to edit neighborhoods easily or create ones from scratch and associate them to existing Geostatistical Sets.
  3. A new kriging option Rescaled cokriging (also called Standardized ordinary cokriging) to reduce the risk of negative estimates in multivariate environments.
  4. A new Validation simulation tool to compare one, several, or all realizations to any data through their statistics (min, max, mean), histograms, and variograms.
  5. The ability to import several meshes at once while checking their open/closed status and detecting the problematic edges such as winglet, internal walls, extra face, errant vertex, … combined with a dedicated import interface for Leapfrog meshes.
  6. The access to more Python libraries to further customize the software to your needs.

And many other improvements making Isatis.neo use easier.



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