Webinar | Why you should use Multiple Indicator Kriging (MIK) for confident resource estimation

Feb. 01 - 11 am AWST
Webinar - Online

Join us for a free webinar and explore the power of Multiple Indicator Kriging (MIK) in just 30 minutes. Discover why MIK could be a relevant solution to improve resource recovery.

Webinar Geovariances - Why you should use Multiple Indicator Kriging (MIK) for confident resource estimation

Linear estimation methods like ordinary kriging can provide biased results when estimating recoverable ore and metal tonnage above a cutoff. This creates excessive risk for mining projects, particularly where:
– grades are highly variable with highly skewed distributions,
– mixed grade populations are present in the orebody and cannot be easily separated into different domains,
– the selective mining unit is small relative to the data spacing.

Multiple Indicator Kriging (MIK), a popular non-linear estimation technique, can be used to mitigate this risk. Data is transformed into multiple indicators, which are used to estimate the probability of grade being above specific cutoffs.

Discover how MIK can provide a better basis for economic decision-making by improving the accuracy of recoverable ore and metal estimation.

Join a free 30-minute webinar with David Barry, a Senior Geostatistician at Geovariances, to get an overview of the MIK technique and discover how easy it is to apply it to your project with Isatis.neo through a demo using real-life data.


Thursday, February 1, 2024, 11:00 am AWST Perth time

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