Why do our clients renew their software maintenance contract year after year?

May 2, 2016

You need to be efficient with our software and to get the best out of them anytime. This is why we are committed to provide you with top quality technical support services.

Why you should get or renew your software maintenance contract:

You need to remain up-to-date

You do not want to let your competitors benefit from technical innovation before you. When your software maintenance contract is active, you are informed of Geovariances software upgrades and updates as soon as they are available. And your personal account on Geovariances website lets you download them in a click 24/7.

You don’t want to get stuck

Although we do our utmost to provide you with well tested software versions, you may experience some technical issues. If you have subscribed a maintenance contract, call or email our Technical Support team, they will provide you with the answer to your specific question within a record time as mentionned by Johann Stiefenhofer from De Beers below.

And if you need to reinstall your version of the software on a new computer, your maintenance contract allows you downloading and activating your new license for free.

You need to improve your skills

Our software maintenance contract gives you free access to comprehensive technical resources such as webinars about advanced technical topics or short tips & tricks videos which teach you new ways of using the software. You also have a privileged access to user’s meetings so that you may share your experiences, learn from your peers and enjoy a great networking opportunity.

You would like to influence software developments

As a user with a maintained software license, Geovariances team is listening to your concerns and is looking forward to receiving your software requests. Your needs and expectations guide our development roadmap; share them with us in order to save time and gain productivity.

Those who benefit from a software maintenance contract will be informed about the developments roadmap for the year to come and will have the opportunity to provide their feedback about them. Do not miss such an opportunity!

Have you or your company got a Geovariances software maintenance contract?