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June 10, 2016

The new feature not to miss in Kartotrak 2016, called Excavation, allows generating excavation plans easily and fastly from 3D interpolated contamination maps. And it is only available in Kartotrak!

Kartotrak 2016 provides a sound and objective base to generate accurate excavation plans, letting you compare the efficiency of different remediation scenarii, thus paving the way to much better remediation management.

Once displayed, maps can be interactively refined for adapting them to remediation constraints. Hence, you can decide to leave in place one or several isolated blocks or to include non-contaminated blocks in the estimated volume to be excavated to facilitate remediation. You just have to increase or decrease the excavation depth using the mouse.


Kartotrak computes excavation maps from analytical results or 3D interpolated contamination maps

Using Kartotrak, you immediately know if your excavation plan is effective. The new tool computes and displays the total volume and total surface of soil to be excavated. It also displays the efficiency of the remediation. Hence, you can easily conduct a sensibility study of the excavation plan efficiency according to your remediation strategy.

At last, the excavation limit surface may be displayed in 3D for a quick viewing of the remediation global impact.

Kartotrak delivers excavation plans in 3D

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