Find out why Minestis domain modeling meets the support of resource geologists

July 21, 2016

Minestis provides geostatistics-based application for estimation domain modeling including automatic sample clustering into domains and implicit modeling of envelopes.
It has never been so quick to achieve reliable domain modeling.

The modeling of coherent estimation domains is a major area of integrated Mineral Resource Estimation. The description of variable behavior associated with mineralization processes helps delineating spatial envelopes, which facilitate grade interpolation, and fully defines mineralized tonnages.

In that context, Minestis, Geovariances all-in-one software solution for Mineral Resource Estimation, offers a unique geostatistics-based application for estimation domain modeling.

Domain modeling in Minestis is operated in two steps. Samples are first clustered into domains using an original automatic procedure before the domain 3D envelopes are interpolated.

Domain Modeling with Minestis

Minestis models domain envelopes from borehole information

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  • Objective sample clustering introducing scientific rigor to a traditionally subjective procedure based on manual clustering and cross-plots interpretation.
  • Robust domaining and implicit domain modeling based on genuine multivariate geostatistics combining drill hole data, structural data and geological interpretation.
  • Quality control and uncertainty assessment of the domain envelopes.
  • Flexible and reproducible procedure.



  • Time saving thanks to automatic domaining and implicit modeling.
  • Improvement of domain understanding.
  • Easy integration of new data and fast updating.
  • Consistency ensured between domain model and resource model.
  • Better informed mining decisions through combined analysis of the uncertainties attached to the domain envelopes and the ones attached to resource estimates.