What happened at Perth Isatis User’s Meeting?

May 3, 2016

Some strong interest from the Isatis users community in March with 30 Perth-based users keenly participating to our latest Isatis users meeting.

We offer free attendence to the meeting for Isatis users because we believe that the event add values to our maintenance contract and helps drive future developments in the software.

The expert community of geostatisticians and resource geologists used the forum to share their knowledge, experience and tips. Plurigaussians simulations were a hot topic of discussion.

Among the attending group of highly-skilled professionals, we would especially like to thank the presenters: Ute Mueller (Professor in Geostatistics at Edith Cowan), Marat Abzalov (Director at Boss Resources and Consultant for Massa Resources), Matthew Cobb (Principal Resource Geologist at Consolidated Minerals) and Oktay Erten (Lecturer in Resource Geology at Curtin University).

The Geovariances team introduced Isatis 2016 and Minestis 2.0. They were entusiastically received so we are on the right track!

Hopefully, everybody left with new ideas to improve their modeling. We look forward to next year’s presentations and ideas.

The user’s meeting presentations are available to our software users only.

> Download them here