Minestis 2018 has been released

September 17, 2018

With its brand-new module for Ore Control, Minestis 2018 is more than ever the quintessential software for Mineral Resource Estimation, offering the complete workflow project and resource geologists need on site.

Minestis 2018 lets you:

  • quickly assign samples to given domain through its Automatic Domaining tool based on an innovative machine learning algorithm,
  • easily compute resource estimates guiding you through the entire resource estimation process,
  • easily report┬átonnage, metal quantity, mean grade, benefit function and global volume for different combinations of resource classes and grade categories,
  • easily achieve short-term modeling,
  • quickly deliver polygons per material destination.
Minestis 2018 now offers a ore control application

Discover Minestis 2018 new key features

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