Minestis found its audience at WMC Rio 2016

November 23, 2016

Our Managing Director, Olivier Bertoli, presented Minestis at the World Mining Congress in Rio de Janeiro in October. The presentation was a success. Vale mentionned there that Minestis is reliable and makes sense. We can say that the software definitely found its audience.


Geovariances Managing Director, Olivier Bertoli, presenting Minestis at WMC 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

After his presentation, Olivier was congratulated by students, unitversity professors and geologists or exploration managers from major mining companies such as Vale or Kinross.

Discussion went well. Teachers were quite impressed and asked questions about the domaining method.

It was also a real pleasure to hear from Vale and their satisfaction with the software as they have been sponsoring the related Geostatistical & Geological Domaining Consortium R&D program. Vale told us that they were proud of the product which, they said, “is reliable and makes sense”. They were happy to see that the R&D program they participated in has become a tangible industrial software product.

A geologist told us that he was impressed by the real progress Minestis brings to users, firstly because the software allows characterizing the risk on domain envelops, secondly because it has every needed functionnality in one unique package.

Another geologist working in a mining company in Croatia said he was pleasantely surprised by the new way of estimating resources with Minestis.