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Minestis provides the industry-standard in geostatistics for mineral resource estimation. It is the first software solution that enables reliable and coherent geological domain estimation and resource modeling through a rigorous, yet simplified and secure geostatistics-based approach. Whether you are resource or mine geologist, consultant or auditor, in charge of long- or short-term modeling or resource review, Minestis provides you with the quality, robustness and relevance you need for your mineral resource estimates.


Adopting Minestis means you access first-class algorithms that originate from Mines ParisTech’s Center for Geostatistics and have been tried and tested for over 20 years through Isatis. Your estimates are top quality, also because Minestis ensures full consistency between geological and block models. And because it makes geostatistics accessible, you remain in the driver’s seat to produce the trusted recoverable resources you need for improving mining selectivity.


Using Minestis, you enjoy the speed and efficiency with which a resource model is built. Minestis workflow secures and streamlines your estimation process, from domain modeling to resource reporting. A few clicks are enough for the deterministic and risk resource models to be delivered consistently both at panel and SMU scales. Model updating, project review, harmonization, auditing and reporting are more efficient and effective than ever.


With Minestis, you exactly know how confident you can be with your models. Minestis lets you combine the uncertainties attached to the domain envelopes with the ones attached to your resource estimates to better inform your mining decisions. The software provides you with an auditable trail of parameters and allows repeating the whole process in a click. The reporting facilities are fully compliant with the mining reporting codes requirements.


With Minestis, you take advantage of a package fast to learn and to handle, even if you are not highly skilled in geostatistics. This is why the same software can be used at corporate level or on site, facilitating collaborative work. Besides, Minestis provides the techniques that help you optimizing sampling, or, on another level, operational or mineral processing decisions thanks to multivariate analysis (estimation/simulation).

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July 22, 2016

Early July, Minestis Domaining pack has been made available to all following 4 years of research and sponsor exclusivity.

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