“Isatis and Minestis, two software of choice for geostatisticians and resource geologists.”

KAZ Minerals
Ashley Brown
Manager, Resource Delineation

“Geovariances’ two software packages of choice are Isatis and Minestis. These products are designed by geostatisticians for geostatisticians and resource geologists respectively.

Isatis is “the” elite tool designed by Geovariances specifically for geostatisticians. It is the premier tool in this field tailored for every conceivable use in geostatistics. It is designed for expert use and every consultancy, mid-tier to senior resource based company would be incomplete without a copy of this software at their Head Office. One impressive use of the software I made was to optimize drillhole spacing. This saved considerably on drilling costs and on time.”​

Minestis is the tool of choice for resource geologists and it is revolutionary in that it completely democratizes advanced geostatistics at the mine site with minimal input from a consultancy or head office.

The combination of the two software packages provides a complete package that can add immense value to any company with concomitant minimization of risk. No company of merit should be without the winning combination of these two geostatistical packages.”