Best Practices in Isatis| Training course

Gain the skills you need to start using Isatis with confidence for your essential tasks in mining geostatistics


Isatis provides a complete set of geostatistical tools and powerful 3D graphics for analyzing, interpreting and modeling your data. This course will teach you how to use Isatis for the essential tasks in Mining Geostatistics, from data analysis to grade estimation, but also how to go beyond and apply non-linear geostatistics for resource evaluation.

A specific focus is on the 3D display and on the batch procedures for automated workflows.

Key Features

  • This course is based on simple exercises using Isatis and synthetic data.
  • Taught by experienced practitioner.
  • Course materials (documentation, journal files, training data, worked examples) for use in your work place.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at geologists, engineers and others seeking a comprehensive overview of the essential geostatistics tools available in Isatis.

Course content

Overview of Isatis tools and concepts

  • User interface and data management
  • Data import
  • Use of wireframes
  • Data compositing, de-clustering
  • Working with block models
  • 3D viewer
  • Batch capabilities with journal files

Data analysis

  • Classical statistics and analysis tools
  • Computing experimental variograms, maps and clouds
  • Variogram modelling.


  • Neighbourhood analysis
  • Ordinary Kriging
  • Evaluating the results.

Introduction to Recoverable Resource Estimation

  • Change of support models
  • Conditional Simulations (TB, SGS)
  • Post-processing
  • Indicator Kriging and Uniform Conditioning
  • Reporting.


Although a basic knowledge of variography and kriging is assumed, the course will include reminders of the fundamental concepts of geostatistics.