Geological Domain Modeling

Learn how to achieve automatic sample clustering into geological domains with Minestis and how to use results for reliable implicit modeling



This 2-day course offers an understanding of the use of geostatistics as a tool to produce geological domains used to guide the estimation process.

Key features

  • Includes hands-on workshop with Minestis.
  • Course materials (documentation, training data, worked examples) are provided for future reference.

Who should attend

Resource geologists and engineers in charge of domain creation, validation and mineral resource estimation at large.

Course content

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
    Helps validating the domain modeling decisions underlying the production of a resource estimate: review of univariate/multivariate analysis based on histograms, base maps, scatter plots, Q-Q plots, h-scatter plots, variograms, variogram maps.
  • Data classification
    Assigns each drill hole / blast hole sample to a domain defined from numerical and categorical variables (grades, mineralogy, lithology, etc.).
  • Domain Modeling
    Creates geological domains through solid envelopes consistent with data and user-given constraints.