Isatis workshop

Go further in learning Isatis and deepen your geostatistics knowledge by implementing the software on your own data, this under the supervision of our consultants


Workshop content and duration will be set according to the requested objectives, the idea being that participants are there to deepen their own knowledge. From practical exercises based on participants data, geostatistics key concepts will be discussed. The following points will be addressed: variography and anisotropy modeling, Gaussian transformation, change of support and application of results for decision aid, etc.

Key points

Methodological reminders followed by practical work based on participants’ data. The emphasis is on the choice of geostatistical modeling parameters and pitfalls to avoid. Thus, participants gain confi dence and effi ciency in their software use.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at engineers and technicians, who are familiar with the application of geostatistics with Isatis and who wish to improve their software use and go further.

Course content


  • Presentation of participants’ case studies
  • Specification of the exact content of the workshop and the time for each topic

Suggested topics

  • Variography, particularly with 3D anisotropies
  • Gaussian transformations (anamorphosis): how to control its quality
  • Change of support and geostatistical simulations
  • 3D visualization and results presentation: superimposition of contextual information (topography, base maps) and advanced visualization
  • Post-processing and decision support: which results to provide, how to communicate on the basis of study results
  • Contaminated site survey: how to refine the sampling strategy
  • How to choose and combine several auxiliary variables to refine mapping.

Throughout the workshop, time is allocated to discuss about participants’ studies, results and issues.


It is required to have attended one of the training course «Fundamentals» prior to the workshop.

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