Kartotrak.one workshop

Optimise your use of Kartotrak.one using it own real datasets.


The workshop proposes to use Kartotrak.one software for potentially contaminated site characterization. A quick introduction to the geostatistical methodology is also provided: taking into account site history, in-situ contamination mapping and exploratory data analysis.

Key points

Methodological presentations followed by practical work based on real cases. The emphasis is on illustrations and the practical contribution of concepts presented using Kartotrak.one software. Half of the training is devoted to these practical exercises, allowing students to assimilate the concepts presented during the theoretical part.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at engineers and technicians involved in contaminated site characterization and who wish a practical introduction to geostatistical methods using Kartotrak.one software.

Workshop content


  • An illustrated presentation of current practices for contaminated site characterization and the estimation of soil volumes incompatible for future use using Kartotrak.one.

Understanding and estimating the spatial heterogeneity of contamination

  • Practical introduction to the concept of spatial variability of pollution. Operational consequences for the feasibility of certain remediation methods
  • How to quantify the spatial variability of a pollutant: calculation, interpretation and variogram modeling
  • Recommendations for sampling potentially contaminated sites.

Predicting and mapping of the in-situ threshols

  • Presentation of the usual methods of mapping analytical results
  • Principle and properties of 2D / 3D kriging.


It is necessary to have attended a basic course to attend this workshop or to have basic knowledge of geostatistical methods such as variograms or kriging.