Localized Multivariate Uniform Conditioning in Isatis

Get a sound understanding of the Uniform Conditioning concepts for application to recoverable resource estimation


Multivariate Uniform Conditioning allows the recoverable resource estimation of main and secondary minerals according to a cut-off applied to the main economic mineral. This course aims at handing out at understanding of the methodology and benefits of Uniform Conditioning through its application in Isatis. Univariate and multivariate uniform conditioning coupled with localisation of the results will be addressed during the session.

Key features

This course is based on exercises using case studies provided in the release of Isatis.

Course materials (documentation, journal files, training data, worked examples) for future reference.

Who should attend

Resource geologists, exploration geologists and mining engineers involved in feasibility studies or medium to long term planning.

Course content


  • A succinct reminder of the theory behind uniform conditioning will be addressed.

Application in Isatis

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Global workflow
  • Good practices
  • Batch procedures
  • Last innovations