Mineral resource classification | Training course

Get acquainted with different resource classification techniques using various estimation criteria, geometrical aspects, uncertainty evaluations, and the scorecard method.


Learn the theory and practice of various mineral resource classification techniques and how to implement the different methods and analyze and process the results obtained from the classified resources through advanced tools. Compare the pros and cons of each technique.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at professionals seeking theoretical and practical knowledge of mineral resource classification techniques.

Course content

  • Review and comparison of different resource classification methods: different criteria, including geometrical and uncertainty analysis.
  • Understanding uncertainties associated with estimation and geometric aspects of resource classification.
  • Review of conditional simulation methods available in Isatis.neo and classification methods by uncertainty analysis.
  • Review and application using non-linear methods and a risk index.
  • Review and application of scorecard classification: combining the uncertainties associated with the geological model, the variability of grades, and the risk of sample spacing


This course addresses advanced geostatistical concepts. For this reason, participants should know variography and kriging.