Post-Master Degree in Geostatistics by MINES ParisTech

Get comprehensive insight into geostatistics, learn the theory behind each technique, put your new knowledge into practice through a real-life project, and become an expert in geostatistics.

This training program is a French “Mastère Spécialisé® CGE”, also known as CFSG or Cycle de Formation Spécialisée en Géostatistique (Specialized Training Cycle in Geostatistics) and is provided by the Center for Geosciences from MINES ParisTech.

Note that the cycle is subdivided into several modules that can be attended independently. Get an overview of the different modules at


Post-master degree in geostatistics by the Center for Geostatistics from MINES ParisTech


  • CFSG.1 – Introduction (60 hours – 4 ECTS)
    Recalls of basics and prerequisite knowledge.
  • CFSG.2 – Linear Geostatistics (210 hours – 15 ECTS)
    Spatial variability (variogram), local estimation (kriging), confidence intervals, global estimation of in situ resources.
  • CFSG.3 – Multivariate Geostatistics (90 hours – 5 ECTS)
    Tools and methods to study several variables simultaneously: cross-covariance and cross-variogram, cokriging, kriging with external drift, factorial kriging analysis.
  • CFSG.4 – Non-stationary Geostatistics (30 hours – 3 ECTS)
    Methods for phenomena with a systematic trend or “drift”: universal kriging (simple global external drift kriging), intrinsic random functions of order k (complex drift).
  • CFSG.5 – Non-linear Geostatistics (90 hours – 7 ECTS)
    Estimation of quantities above cut-off thresholds. Support Effect and Information Effect.
  • CFSG.6 – Simulations (90 hours – 7 ECTS)
    Generating different versions of random functions or random sets.
  • Short workshops or conferences, technical visits (60 hours – 4 ECTS)
  • Personal application work (630 hours – 30 ECTS)

Who should attend

– Exploration or production geologists
– Geochemists and geophysicians
– Mining engineers
– Engineers in environment, civil engineering, metallurgy, materials
– Governmental agencies
– Young graduates (MSc or MEng)
– Teachers, trainers


Strong bases in Mathematics

Information / Registration

For more information, please contact Nathalie Dietrich at or dial +33 1 6469 4778.

Note that this training delivers a postmaster degree® offered by the French higher education institution MINES ParisTech, in the framework of the “Mine & Society” Network of Excellence. The label guarantees the course’s vocational focus, rigor, and technical nature. It allows students to develop their strengths and is a springboard for their professional career.