Take the Most from Isatis

Optimize your workflows and gain productivity while using Isatis



Isatis provides a complete set of geostatistical applications and tools for analyzing, interpreting and modeling your data. Moreover, numerous solutions are available to optimize your workflows and gain productivity while using the software.

Among other practical topics you would like to cover, this workshop will teach you how to define powerful arithmetical operations and transformations in Isatis Calculator and Grid Operator, how to use the automatic variogram fitting solution.

Key Features

  • Taught by experienced practitioner.
  • Course materials (documentation, journal files, training data, worked examples) for use in your work place.

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at Isatis users seeking a comprehensive overview of useful Isatis functionalities and gain confidence while using them. Bring your questions!

This workshop is not meant to cover issues related to geostatistical concepts and methods.

Course content

Automatic variogram fitting

  • Automatic fitting algorithm
  • Use of constraints
  • Automatic update of a model in batch

Scripting in Calculator and Grid Operator

  • Arithmetic operations using Isatis Calculator: logical, interval, mathematical, trigonometric, statistical or date operators or functions,
  • Morphological transformations using Isatis Grid Operator: boolean, arithmetical or interval operators, morphological, gradient or rotation grid operators.

Management of Study Preferences and memory management

Last release developments and improvements

Other topics and issues brought by participants


A basic knowledge of Isatis and geostatistics is assumed.