Workshop on Petroleum Geostatistics

Apply the concepts of petroleum geostatistics on your own data set under the guidance of an expert geostatistician - Duration to be agreed.



To allow participants to apply the concepts of petroleum geostatistics by carrying out a geostatistical study on their own data set under the guidance of an expert geostatistician and using Isatis. The assistance may be shared between different groups of participants working on different data sets (up to three different data sets). The workshop may be preceded by another course proposed in our catalog. After the workshop the participants will leave with a complete geostatistical evaluation of their data set.

Who should attend

Professionals who wish to practise Isatis on their own dataset, either for a complete geostatistical study or for specialized topics. Since Isatis is a general purpose geostatistical tool, learning how to use it is of benefit to any geoscientist or engineer who works on spatial data: geologists, geostatisticians, geophysicians, reservoir engineers.

Course content

The main topic of the workshop, its duration and location and the number of participants need to be priorly defined.

This workshop may be scheduled for any date and/or location at your convenience. Tailored courses may also be organized in your offices on demand focused on specific applications or algorithms, for example: velocity modeling and TDC, volumetrics and uncertainty analysis, seismic quality control and filtering, conditional simulations of continuous variables (SGS, Turing Bands) and/or facies (Plurigaussian, MPS), etc.


The participants should be familiar with the concepts of linear geostatistics (variograms and kriging) and with the basic use of Isatis.