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Geovariances involved in international working groups to promote geostatistics

October 15, 2015

Geovariances has been participating for many years in international working groups from EOCD, IAEA, the European NICOLE or the French Cetama, which deal with both radiological and chemical characteri...

3rd national meeting of research on contaminated sites | Synthesis

October 13, 2015

The synthesis of the 3rd national meeting of research on contaminated sites has just been released.

Kartotrak 2015 has been released

September 22, 2015

The latest version of Kartotrak has been enriched with multivariate geostatistics and data flattening. Both techniques improve estimation quality. Discover other improvements >>

Latest news from Geovariances mining consulting corner

September 15, 2015

Our mining consultants are involved with various commodities (Ni, Mn, Au, Cu,...) and projects all over the world.

August in Johannesburg, a busy time for Geovariances

September 15, 2015

Beside the Danie Krige Geostatistical Conference, Geovariances co-animated seminar about Uniform Conditioning with Datamine and launched its brand new software Minestis.

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Webinar: Estimating resources at SMU scale: the use of Localized Multivariate Uniform Conditioning

December 1, 2015

Learn how Uniform Conditioning and its post-processing LUC/LMUC deliver predictions of the local distributions of SMUs (selective mining units) within larger panels conditional to neighbouring inform...

Webinar: Optimize your estimation parameters with Kriging Neighborhood Analysis

December 8, 2015

In less than half-an-hour, learn why correctly defined search neighborhoods are essential to the estimation process and how they help to reduce the risk of conditional bias (overestimation of high gr...

Minestis, the Route to Resource Estimates

December 14, 2015

Descubra o porquê e como o Minestis simplifica a estimativa de recursos. Por meio de uma abordagem geoestatística simplificada e segura, o Minestis possui um workflow rápido e seguro para que você ob...

Uniform Conditioning Seminar

January 21 - 22, 2016

Resulting from the agreement giving exclusive access to Isatis’ geostatistical algorithms to Datamine, Geovariances and Datamine will co-host a Uniform Conditioning seminar in Johannesburg in Januar...

Séminaire: l'Approche Géostatistique pour la Caractérisation de Sites et Sols Pollués

February 4, 2016

Découvrez comment les méthodes géostatistiques vous aident à mieux cerner et maîtriser les risques liés à votre chantier de dépollution. Séminaire conjoint eOde/Geovariances.


February 16 - 18, 2016

Our specialist in radiological charaterization Yvon Desnoyers is chairman of Session 7: Best practices in characterisation of material and waste - Thursday 28 Feb. 8:30-11:00 a.m.

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La Geoestadística para la estimación de recursos

November 16 - 20, 2015

Los fundamentos de los principales conceptos y técnicas usados en la geoestadística minera - Curso de 5 días.

Fundamentals of Mineral Resource Estimation

January 11 - 13, 2016

January 18 - 20, 2016

March 14 - 16, 2016

Learn how to perform resource estimation in an efficient way - 3-day fundamentals course

Advanced Mineral Resource Estimation

January 14 - 15, 2016

March 9 - 11, 2016

Go beyond geostatistics fundamentals and learn how to improve your mineral resource estimation with multivariate and non-linear geostatistics - 2-day advanced course


Factorial Kriging - Give it a try >>

We know how to get rid of the footprints which remain in your seismic survey. See how we can help you.


AngloGold Ashanti recommends Minestis >>

"Minestis can be used to conduct Resource model reviews effectively and efficiently", Vasu Govindsammy, Senior Manager (...)