Geostatistical simulations, what for? Geovariances’ consultants give examples of use

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We asked some of our consultants to tell us about recent studies in which they used conditional simulations for specific issues. Here are the examples they gave us.

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Enrich your maps with background images: discover a list of websites from where you can download spatial data for free

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There is no better way to understand your data than to display it in its global environmental context. Geovariances software solutions, Isatis.neo and Kartotrak, embed GIS components for the 2D display of data of any kind (points, borehole tops, grids, polylines, polygons) in several layers. It is then easy to enrich your maps by adding background images imported from geographic raster or vector files.

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Drilling optimization through DHSA

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Read how Geovariances’ consultants help a copper mine in Brazil to reduce the grade uncertainty of ore concentrates to better meet customers’ requirements.

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DiscoverMine Radio podcast – Episode 24: Conditional simulation and uncertainty in the ore body by David Barry

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David Barry, Senior Geostatistician and a Geovariances’ Perth-based consultant, has been invited by DiscoverMine Radio to explain conditional simulation as one method used in the mining operation to better estimate the ore body. Listen to the recording and learn what conditional simulations are, how they differ from classic mining geostatistics techniques.

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DiscoverMine Radio podcast – Episode 23: An introduction about geostatistics in a mining operation by Marlene Woligroski

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Marlene Woligroski, geologist and business development manager for the Asia Pacific region, has been invited by DiscoverMine Radio to introduce and explain the interests of geostatistics and the benefits offered by our software Isatis.neo.

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