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For 30 years, Geovariances has been providing the industry with geostatistics-based professional solutions to address their specific issues.
Discover our solution benefits reading our client testimonials and success stories.

Very good and useful training to increase our expertise on polluted site management

January 7, 2019       RETIA / TOTAL
Contaminated Sites

Very good training associating an academic statistics approach with practical examples. This very useful training will increase our expertise on polluted site management and help us to find the best way for the best remediation works.

Training very good in all aspects

November 8, 2018       CMOC International

Training very good in all aspects: organization, material, applicability of the methodology and technical knowledge of the consultant. We will certainly have more challenges and we know that we may count on you.

Efficient and personalized technical support that few other software companies provide

November 5, 2018       Glencore Zinc Technical Services

Geovariances technical support is personalized, which I really enjoy. Many software companies provide a totally impersonal "call center" type of support, which certainly discourages us to use the support and the software itself. Not Geovariances.

A terrific introduction to PluriGaussian simulation and Isatis

October 25, 2018       Colorado School of Mines

A terrific introduction to plurigaussian simulation and Isatis. I highly recommend any of the Geovariances online training for anyone looking to expand their geostatistical skills and learn the exceptional feature of Isatis.

Conditional simulations improve confidence in mineral resource classification

May 9, 2018       Top-ten Aluminum producing company

Geovariances recently achieved a study for a top-ten Aluminum producing company which demonstrated that they could perform reliable resource classification with only 75% of the holes they are used to drill, resulting in a money saving of 25% for drilling campaigns.