Technological innovation is at the heart of Geovariances’ strategy. As a global leader in applied geostatistics, we are committed to providing you with and further developing cutting-edge technology. To refine our solutions, we offer innovations through research consortia and programs in partnership with renowned international public or private companies.

Our exclusive R&D agreement with Mines ParisTech Geostatistics Group provides us with the unique capacity to solve technical problems that need new and innovative theoretical developments.

  • SPDE for boosting simulation performances

    SPDE is a two-year R&D consortium aiming at developing a new engine for estimation and simulation adapted to the specific context of Mineral Resource Estimation that will offer a quantum leap in performance. The key ingredient to allow that quantum leap is based on solving Stochastic Partial Derivative Equations, hence the name given.

  • Horizon 2020 – INSIDER

    Geovariances is partner of the Horizon 2020 INSIDER project, the objective of which is to build guidelines for more accurate initial estimation of contaminated materials, resulting waste volumes and timely planning. Geovariances is particularly involved in a work project about sampling strategy implying a comparative study of geostatistical data processing on 3 European application cases.

  • Our completed R&D projects

    Our close and long-term collaboration with Mines ParisTech has resulted in several successful mining research consortia over the years.