Geostatistics applied to mapping and risk assessment

Apart from Mining, Oil & Gas and Contaminated Sites, geostatistics applies to a great variety of applications: air quality monitoring, subsurface modelling and natural hazards, biological resources, precision agriculture, not to mention other fields such as geochemistry, epidemiology, meteorology, forestry, archeology, etc.

Whatever the nature of your spatial data, geostatistics provide powerful and flexible solutions for spatial data analysis, sampling optimization, 2D/3D mapping and risk assessment.

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"A terrific introduction to plurigaussian simulation and Isatis. I highly recommend any of the Geovariances online training for anyone looking to expand their geostatistical skills and learn the exceptional feature of Isatis."

Jacob Grasmick, Research Associate, Underground Construction and Tunneling - Colorado School of Mines
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"The reasons why I preferred Isatis to other software include the competence and expertise of the staff, the high quality of geostatistical analyses, the effective integration between geostatistical and GIS techniques."

Annamaria CASTRIGNANÒ, Research Director - CREA, Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria, Italia
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"Depuis plus de 20 ans de pratique, Geovariances a toujours répondu rapidement."

Jean-François Bourillet, Directeur adjoint - Ifremer, REM, France
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"Aide efficace dans les problèmes rencontrés pour certaines mises à jour majeure du logiciel et des software associés. Bons conseils pour le choix de méthodologies géostatistiques et l'utilisation des outils appropriés dans les options du software Isatis."

Gilles Perron, Ingénieur d'Etudes - ASPA, France
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"The 2-day mentoring session I’ve had with Geovariances consultants was a worthwhile experience. I appreciate the professionalism and sensitivity to my project objectives that Geovariances consultants showed in our meetings."

Donald A. Keefer, Director, Earth Systems Visualization Laboratory - University of Illinois, USA
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January 22, 2021

You're a user of Isatis.neo? Your experience and opinion are most valuable! We invite you to be part of our user panel and have your say i...

April 26, 2018

Geovariances est impliquée dans le projet Geobapa dont l'objectif est de supprimer toute notion de terre inerte dans les prochaines anné...

February 2, 2017

Geovariances is involved in two Ademe-funded projects: Geobapa which main issue is to facilitate the materials exchange resulting in an in...

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June 19-21, 2024
Join us for two talks with EDF and Hydroquebec, on using several datasets to improve model accuracy through multivariate estimation.
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Hydrogeological Facies Modeling

Stochastic Methods for geological modeling and links with fluid flow simulations

Whatever the application domain – oil & gas production, aquifer pollution characterization, uranium production by lixiviation – characterizing the geological parameters and capturing their variability is essential to ensure realistic flow modeling…

Geological Facies Simulations

Whatever the resource involved – oil & gas, coal or metallic resources – capturing the variability of the geological parameters is essential at the modelling stage as the characteristics of the distributions of key parameters conditioning the resource recovery (e.g. rock properties, grades, etc.) are informed by the geological context. A large variety of simulation techniques is available to model geological facies.

Through Geovariances strong experience in developing successfully simulation strategies for different geological environments (e.g. kimberlite pipes, turbiditic and carbonate reservoirs, porphyry copper, hydrothermal type deposits, etc.), learn how to choose the best facies modelling technique according to the specific geological depositional environment. Analyse each method advantages and drawbacks.

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