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Yvon Desnoyers, our expert in geostatistics applied to radiological characterization, will talk about geostatistics for optimized sampling design and decision-making at the NEA workshop.

Once again, Mines Paris' Geostatistics Team and Geovariances bring together their experts to offer online their Specialized Training Cycle in Geostatistics (CFSG), a premium and comprehensive training program in mining geostatistics.

As part of the training provided by the IAEA, our consultant Yvon Desnoyers is to conduct training about contamination characterization using geostatistics in Pecs (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria).

Our expert in geostatistics applied to radiological characterization, Yvon Desnoyers, will take part in the joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Advanced Solutions for Field Measurements | (smr 3729)

We are proud to announce that Geovarariances has been acquired by Vela Software, a subsidiary of the global Constellation Software group that purchases and manages software firms worldwide...

Geovariances se complace en organizar un curso dedicado exclusivamente a las estudiantes universitarias.