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During Intersol 2018, Ramboll gave a presentation about their integrated implementation of EQuIS and Kartotrak to perform pollution characterization. See how this helps them gain confidence in data and the design of remediation solutions.

Geovariances est impliquée dans le projet Geobapa dont l'objectif est de supprimer toute notion de terre inerte dans les prochaines années... Candidatez avant le 1er juin 2018 pour participer !

We at Geovariances, believe that a little extra time and human resources devoted to the use of above standard geostatistical procedures will prove highly beneficial from an economic viewpoint. The gains that can be had from optimizing...

With Kartotrak displaying borehole logs, you immediately identify the main levels of the site impacted by pollution.

Two papers of interest are to be presented dealing with (1) geostatistical mapping of health risks (eOde) and (2) the combined use of EQuIS and Kartotrak to perform pollution characterization (Ramboll)...

With the "Sampling Density Variance" tool, Isatis proposes an innovative methodology allowing robust resource classification, independant from sample number, block size and domain extension.