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With Kartotrak displaying borehole logs, you immediately identify the main levels of the site impacted by pollution.

Two papers of interest are to be presented dealing with (1) geostatistical mapping of health risks (eOde) and (2) the combined use of EQuIS and Kartotrak to perform pollution characterization (Ramboll)...

With the "Sampling Density Variance" tool, Isatis proposes an innovative methodology allowing robust resource classification, independant from sample number, block size and domain extension.

Geovariances is pleased to provide Isatis licenses to all participants of Dr. Abani Samal's geostatistics short course at SME Annual Conference which will take place in two weeks in Minneapolis.

De nombreux guides méthodologiques nationaux et internationaux reconnaissent l'intérêt et la valeur ajoutée des méthodes géostatistiques pour la caractérisation de sites contaminés par des substances chimiques ou radioactives.

Get a Minestis one-year license for free with the purchase of one licence. Take advantage of the offer now, it is limited in time.