Geostatistical software development à la carte

We develop and sell geostatistics-based libraries and plugins tailored to your specific needs and specifications.
Find below our main projects below:


    ISAPI embeds ISATIS geostatistical algorithms in an API library.
    Geovariances and Landmark have signed an exclusive technology partnership agreement in June 2007 to integrate ISAPI into the Decision Space platform. This relationship plays a major role in Landmark’s initiative around Next Generation Earth Modeling.


    An exclusive collaboration agreement has been signed in 2014 between Datamine and Geovariances in order to integrate a recast and modern version of our geostatistical algorithms into STUDIO RM, Datamine’s solution for mineral resource and reserve evaluation.

  • QuickMap

    ISYmap launched GLOBall early 2016, a revolutionary system allowing remoted and fast dose rate measurement and mapping, easy and quick to set up by operators staying far from hazard area in safe conditions. Geovariances has developed QuickMap, a dedicated geostatistics-based library for a reliable mapping process, embedded in GLOBall.
    Read the complete story from our Success Stories page.

  • HQMeteo

    Hydro-Québec relies on Geovariances algorithms to automatically produce precipitation and temperature maps over Quebec. Automatic variogram fitting, kriging and external drift kriging are some of the functionalities specifically customized in the HQ METEO library in order to meet Hydro-Québec requirements.

  • Geovariances plug-ins

    Specific plugins

    Plugins containing specific geostatistical methods may be integrated in your in-house tools or in our software packages.

    Examples of such plugins developed over the years:
    ‒ Dredging for Boaskalis (specific tools for volumes calculation)
    ‒ Cox Simulations for De Beers
    ‒ Slope calculation, QC of navigation profiles intersections, network extraction for Ifremer
    ‒ Confidence Intervals for Rio Tinto
    ‒ Convex Analysis for SQM Chile