Kartotrak is the first all-in-one software solution designed for an efficient characterization of soil contamination. It has been conceived for all those in charge of environmental site assessment or remediation who need to locate and estimate contaminated soil volumes confidently. Kartotrak offers an integrated workflow that streamlines the characterization process and can be used at any step of a remediation project: during the scoping and the characterization phase or after remediation to verify site compliance with cleanup regulatory rules.


Kartotrak.one by GeovariancesA light version of Kartotrak, Kartotrak.one, is available for those who only need data QC and rapid contamination mapping functionalities.
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Because you need to be confident with data quality in order to produce reliable results, Kartotrak offers high-value exploratory data analysis tools for an in-depth quality control. Its integrated Geographical Information System and 3D Viewer help you improve your contamination knowledge and identify key uncertain areas.


Kartotrak is very easy to handle and its workflow guides you through each step of your project, simplifying software manipulation. Once parametrized, you can repeat the whole Kartotrak workflow in just a few clicks. You can implement Kartotrak on-site for real-time data acquisition or at the office for in-depth analysis including risk management studies and setup of excavation plans.


Kartotrak provides efficient tools for sampling optimization and risk assessment, enabling you to better anticipate hazards during remediation and consequently to better estimate the project costs. You can control key uncertainties related to contaminated volumes or pollutant masses and identify areas that are either sub-sampled or with an increased heterogeneity.


Kartotrak 2D/3D mapping functionalities allow you assessing efficiently the soil compatibility with the site’s future use or its surrounding environment. Kartotrak facilitates communication between stakeholders thanks to its 2D/3D visualization components, therefore providing you with strong basis to your decision process.


"In the final dismantling stage of ​Zorita nuclear plant, Geostatistics and Kartotrak take an important relevance in the project inside the Site Release process."

Jose Luis Leganés Nieto, R&D, L&ILW Engineering Department - Enresa
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DMR A/S (Danish Environmental Consulting) states that Kartotrak has unique qualities when it comes to ease of use, geostatistical power and visualization capabilities in both 2D and 3D

Per Loll, R&D Manager - DMR, Denmark
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Kartotrak permet de réaliser rapidement l’analyse des données de pollution et de générer des visualisations graphiques et rendus professionnels. Le logiciel améliore la compréhension du fonctionnement d’un site pollué et nous aide à dimensionner des solutions de gestion.

Sébastien Kaskassian, Chef de projet et Responsable Innovation - Tauw France
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When using a "sniffing truck" with MIP probes to search for pollutions by volatile organic pollutants, thousands of data are collected. With Kartotrak, the management of all these data becomes a childlike simplicity and the graphical representations of results more relevant.

Jean-Louis Sevèque, Expert in Environment - AquaTerraSana
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July 17, 2018

La principale nouveauté de Kartotrak 2018 est la possibilité de charger et visualiser dans le Viewer 3D n’importe quel objet 3D géor...

July 9, 2018

The main novelty of Kartotrak 2018 is the ability to load and view any 3D georeferenced object in the 3D Viewer. Buildings, underground ne...

May 3, 2018

Discover how Ramboll implements EQuIS and Kartotrak to improve their confidence in data and the design of remediation solutions.

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September 3-6, 2018

Stop by our booth #7 to know more about Kartotrak software latest version, attend our short course and oral presentation while at the conf...

September 17-20, 2018

Attend Geovariances' paper presentation about the use of geostatistics to characterize the carbon content in reactor vessel hemispherical ...

October 22-24, 2018

Find out more about Kartotrak, the integrated software solution for contaminated site and soil characterization. Ask for your demo while a...

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Data Quality Control

Before starting an evaluation of the contamination leading to decision-making tools for site clean-up, it is essential to ensure data quality. Thus, based on solid and reliable foundations, uncertainties occurring during the different steps of the decision process will be better controlled and the final quality of the project improved.

The objective of this white paper is to assess at best the validity of the data through visual, statistical and geostatistical basic tools before going further into their analysis.

Dose Rate Mapping

The objective of any serious mapping is to obtain a realistic and reliable image of the studied phenomenon. Concerning dose rate, maps are often derived from punctual measurements interpolated using deterministic methods. Sometimes, the choice of the inverse distance squared weighted interpolation is wrongly justified by the fact that the dose rate issued from a punctual source is theoretically inversely proportional to the squared distance between the source and the measurement point.

Through this white paper, find out why this inverse distance squared weighted interpolation is not the appropriate method for dose rate mapping and why the geostatistical approach by kriging is the solution for a quality and reliable mapping.

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