Maintenance and technical support

At Geovariances, we are convinced of the crucial importance of remaining by your side to ensure you are getting the best of our software. Your maintenance and Support contract gives you full access to software updates and comprehensive technical resources. Our dedicated Technical Support team is also available anytime to answer your specific questions or receive your requests. In case you don’t have an active Maintenance and Support contract yet, you may still access some technical resources (white papers and software brochures).


  • Top quality, timely support. 98% clients satisfied
  • Provided by a professionnal technical team
  • One-to-One support by email or by phone in English, French or Spanish
  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • A unique address:


  • Direct access to software downloads
  • Technical documentation
  • Release notes
  • Support utilities
  • GTXserver development kit (development kit provided free of charge to build data exchange plugins between Isatis and third-party software)


  • Knowledge database
  • FAQ
  • “How to” guides and videos
  • Tips & tricks
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Software demo videos


Geovariances technical support is personalized, which I really enjoy. Many software companies provide a totally impersonal "call center" type of support, which certainly discourages us to use the support and the software itself. Not Geovariances.

Ana Chiquini, Resource Geologist - Glencore Zinc Technical Services
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"Isatis maintenance contract gives us easy access to innovation which improve our day-to-day work and the possibility to guide the software developements according to our needs. Ore valorization, selective exploitation,..."

Monique Le Guen, Geology Department Manager Resources & Reserves - Eramet Nickel Division, France
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"The competence of the Support team at Geovariances adds an essential benefit to the Isatis maintenance contract. A resolution to any problem, be it installation, software or data-related is usually forthcoming in less than 24 hours and mostly just a few hours..."

Johann Stiefenhofer, Principal Geoscientist - Resource Estimation - De Beers Group, Services Technical and Sustainability
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"Since 1994, I have been using Isatis in my long research and teaching activity in the field of geostatistics. The reasons why I preferred Isatis to other software are several."

Annamaria CASTRIGNANÒ, Research Director - CREA, Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria, Italia
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"Very helpful and prompt response from the Technical Support team."

Eric Mah, Superintendent Resource Geology - Hancock Prospecting, Australia
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