Optimize the management of your mineral resources

Our scientific excellence and mastery of innovation guarantee the quality of your evaluations

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Model your reservoir accurately to minimize risks

Our solutions help you obtain more reliable quantitative static models, even if they are complex

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Optimize the management of your remediation projects

Our know-how in pollution & contamination characterization helps you make informed decision

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Base your decisions on robust and reliable elements

Our solutions help you produce accurate maps, the uncertainties of which you manage perfectly

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Geovariances is the industry expert in applied geostatistics.
We meet our client needs in mapping, resource estimation, volume estimation and risk analysis.



Whatever your level in Geostatistics, we offer you a wide range of software adapted to your needs which guarantee coherent and quality results.


If you wish to improve your skills in geostatistics and become more autonomous using our software or do a refresher course, if you prefer a face to face training or a live online training, you will find a course that corresponds to your needs and your budget.


If you need expertise in geostatistics, help with a study, a team of geostatisticians, statisticians, geologists, mining engineers, environmental engineers will help you to identify the best solution for your project and put it in place for you.


Because problems evolve and we are presented with new challenges every day, we have put in place some R&D programs directly linked with your operational needs. We also facilitate access to our software with universities.


Training very good in all aspects: organization, material, applicability of the methodology and technical knowledge of the consultant. We will certainly have more challenges and we know that we may count on you.

Daniel Bernardes Raposo, Senior Geologist - CMOC International
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Geovariances technical support is personalized, which I really enjoy. Many software companies provide a totally impersonal "call center" type of support, which certainly discourages us to use the support and the software itself. Not Geovariances.

Ana Chiquini, Resource Geologist - Glencore Zinc Technical Services
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A terrific introduction to plurigaussian simulation and Isatis. I highly recommend any of the Geovariances online training for anyone looking to expand their geostatistical skills and learn the exceptional feature of Isatis.

Jacob Grasmick, Research Associate, Underground Construction and Tunneling - Colorado School of Mines
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“I used Isatis for optimizing drillhole spacing. This saved considerably on drilling costs and on time.”

Ashley Brown, Manager, Resource Delineation - KAZ Minerals
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"Minestis is revolutionary in that it completely democratizes advanced geostatistics at the mine site with minimal input from a consultancy or head office. Combined with Isatis,these two software packages can add immense value to any company with concomitant minimization of risk"

Ashley Brown, Manager, Resource Delineation - KAZ Minerals
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September 17, 2018

With its brand-new module for Ore Control, Minestis 2018 is more than ever the quintessential software for Mineral Resource Estimation, offering the complete...

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July 17, 2018

La principale nouveauté de Kartotrak 2018 est la possibilité de charger et visualiser dans le Viewer 3D n’importe quel objet 3D géoréférencé. Bâtiments,...

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July 9, 2018

The main novelty of Kartotrak 2018 is the ability to load and view any 3D georeferenced object in the 3D Viewer. Buildings, underground networks,...

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Nov 22, 2018 - 9:00am-12:15pm
Johannesburg, South-Africa
Join us for our morning workshop about Advanced Geostatistics with Isatis. You will hear on how to improve quality of resource estimates from case studies...
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November 22nd, 2018 - 1:15pm-5:00pm
Johannesburg, South-Africa
Join us for our afternoon workshop about Mineral Resource Estmation with Minestis. You will hear on how to improve quality of resource estimates and...
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Nov 26, 2018 - 9:00am-5:00pm
Lima, Perú
Le invitamos a unirse en nuestro taller gratuito de un día sobre Isatis y Minestis 2018. Aprenderá más acerca de nuestros softwares con casos de estudio y...
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