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Isatis.neo, Geostatistics made accessible

Geostatistics software solution for mapping, resource estimation, subsurface modeling

Isatis.neo embeds high-level geostatistics in a smart user-interface for ease-of-use.

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Optimize the management of your mineral resources

Our scientific excellence and mastery of innovation guarantee the quality of your evaluations

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Geostatistics applied to nuclear decommissioning and site remediation


Optimize the waste route of contaminated materials

We provide quantified risk analyses that inform your decision-making

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Optimize the management of your remediation projects

Our know-how in contamination characterization helps you make informed decisions

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Model your reservoir accurately to minimize risks

Our solutions help you obtain more reliable quantitative static models, even if they are complex

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Base your decisions on robust and reliable elements

Our solutions help you produce accurate maps, the uncertainties of which you manage perfectly

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Geovariances is the industry expert in applied geostatistics.
We meet our client needs in mapping, resource estimation, volume estimation and risk analysis.



Whatever your level in Geostatistics, we offer you a wide range of software adapted to your needs which guarantee coherent and quality results.


If you wish to improve your skills in geostatistics and become more autonomous using our software or do a refresher course, if you prefer a face to face training or a live online training, you will find a course that corresponds to your needs and your budget.


If you need expertise in geostatistics, help with a study, a team of geostatisticians, statisticians, geologists, mining engineers, environmental engineers will help you to identify the best solution for your project and put it in place for you.


Because problems evolve and we are presented with new challenges every day, we have put in place some R&D programs directly linked with your operational needs. We also facilitate access to our software with universities.


"Great piece of software helping the Resource Geologist to investigate its dataset to take the best decision while estimating."

Olivier Masset, P. Geo, Head of Mineral Resources and Reconciliation Department / Orano Mining - Orano
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"Many thanks for your kind and informative lecture during online training. It was a very good chance for us to understand and apply geostatistics for contamination characterization. I hope to continue cooperation with Geovariances."

Sang-Bum Hong, Ph.D., Principal Researcher/Project Manager - Decommissioning Technology Research Division - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
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"I have had a chance to test some parts of Isatis.neo and am amazed at how the menus and many functionalities are nicely streamlined. Everything seems to be carefully and logically arranged, especially for new users. For the old Isatis users, I think it is just a matter of..."

Toivo N Mufeti, Senior Project Geologist - Debmarine Namibia
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"We've got excellent results with the clustering tool available in Isatis.neo. The domains created with Isatis.neo have been validated with the reconciliation of mined areas and the results of the technological studies."

Italo Rodrigo Lima Barreto, Senior Geologistation - Mineração Rio do Norte MRN
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Very good training associating an academic statistics approach with practical examples. This very useful training will increase our expertise on polluted site management and help us to find the best way for the best remediation works.

Philippe Monier, Technical Manager - Refining and Chemical Department - RETIA / TOTAL
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July 15, 2020

With this new version of Isatis.neo, Geovariances continue to implement advanced geostatistical techniques. In particular, we have added the Plurigaussian...

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July 15, 2020

Avec cette nouvelle version d’Isatis.neo, Geovariances poursuit l’implémentation de techniques géostatistiques avancées. En particulier, ont été ajoutées...

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June 8, 2020

Students benefit from academic licenses of Isatis.neo to experience geostatistics techniques applied to resource evaluation.

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30 septembre au 2 octobre 2020
Saint-Paul-lez-Durances, France
Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la pertinence de la géostatistique pour vos projets de démantèlement et d'assainissement ? Venez en discuter stand 6.
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October 26-28, 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Attend our joint presentation with Neptune Energy International S.A during the conference with our Senior consultant, Jean-Marc Chautru, as main speaker.
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December 8-11, 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Visit our booth and discover Isatis.neo, our new software solution in geostatistics and its workflow for quick depth conversion and uncertainty exploration.
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