Geovariances CEO and Datamine VP Geology Gustavo Usero is to talk at Datamine Perth Geology Symposium 2023

September 26, 2023

Join Gustavo Usero, Geovariances CEO and Datamine VP Geology, to learn how geostatistics and Machine Learning can be used to optimize ore control. It will also be your chance to discover a new Studio RM Pro offering access to Studio RM, Supervisor and Isatis.neo.


The use of geostatistics and machine learning to optimize ore control models in mining operations

October 12 at 10:30 am


In the mining industry, the final destination of each mining block is often determined using geological models called production, grade, and ore-control models. The available information from diamond or reverse circulation drilling often does not provide the required resolution. For this reason, we proposed a hybrid machine learning and geostatistical workflow that integrates available grade data from production blast holes with its operational logs taken during drilling, ensuring the required resolution in the grade control models.

The step of geological logging can be either replaced or enhanced by machine learning models for classifying blast holes into lithologies and hardness classes. An automated workflow then uses all the available data to construct a short-term geological model with estimated rock type, ore grades, and hardness. This workflow was applied in a world-class iron ore mine in Brazil and could reduce ore loss and dilution and improve mining predictability. By extending the life of the mine and reducing waste, the workflow contributes to a more sustainable mining industry.

The power of Three – Unveiling of Datamine’s new Studio RM Pro package, including access to Studio RM, Supervisor, and Isatis.neo

October 12 at 3:15 pm


Introducing the ultimate solution for unlocking the true worth of your mineral resource: a comprehensive bundle encompassing three powerful products – StudioRM, Isatis.neo,  and Supervisor. This bundle revolutionizes the mineral resource estimation process, delivering unparalleled efficiency and insight.

The bundle of these three products is seamless, enabling effortless data transfer and streamlining your workflow. Embracing the “best of breed” concept, each product within this bundle guarantees optimal performance and functionality at every crucial step of the mineral resources estimation journey.

Yet, it’s more than just software. This bundle acts as a catalyst for connectivity, forging strong links between our dedicated R&D teams and technical consultants. This fosters an environment of collaboration, not only within our organization but also among our valued customers’ teams. Everyone is united by a common goal: extracting the maximum value from their data.

In essence, this bundle is the transformation of complexity into a clear understanding, empowering you to make informed decisions and realize the true potential of your mineral resource.



Datamine Perth Geology Symposium is an excellent opportunity to learn, share, and connect with experts in the field of geology. You will gain insights into common challenges and experiences encountered in the industry and the solutions used to overcome them. The event provides a platform for geologists to engage, network, and share their experiences in person.

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