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Students benefit from academic licenses of Isatis.neo to experience geostatistics techniques applied to resource evaluation.

Marie-Cécile Febvey, consultante senior, interviendra à la journée scientifique et technique du CFMS "Machine Learning - Big Data en Géotechnique".

Our experts Jean-Marc Chautru and Hélène Binet will give the lecture "Fundamentals of Petroleum Geostatistics" at the IFP School using Isatis.neo for exercises

Geovariances trainers will collaborate with the I Workshop of Economic Geology organized by the University of Sao Polo...

Our expert in geostatistics applied to radiological characterization, Yvon Desnoyers, will take part in the Technical Meeting on Achieving the Site End State: Characterization Strategies and Instrumentation for Land Contamination...

Our expert Yvon Desnoyers will contribute to ENSTTI Decommissioning Safety course taking place in Paris from November 25-29, 2019. He will talk about how geostatistics is used for a sound contamination characterization.