DiscoverMine Radio podcast – Episode 24: Conditional simulation and uncertainty in the ore body by David Barry

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David Barry, Senior Geostatistician and a Geovariances’ Perth-based consultant, has been invited by DiscoverMine Radio to explain conditional simulation as one method used in the mining operation to better estimate the ore body. Listen to the recording and learn what conditional simulations are, how they differ from classic mining geostatistics techniques.

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Sample clustering in Isatis.neo has proven to be efficient with big datasets

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Isatis.neo quickly groups borehole samples into homogeneous classes (e.g., facies, geological or mining domains) in an automatic way. Those who have seen the tool run qualifies it as impressive.

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Isatis for geological modeling and hydrogeology

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Isatis assists in characterizing aquifers and building accurate numerical models of the subsurface by generating reliable maps of geological layers, petrophysical properties, mechanical or hydrogeological properties and facies data.

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