Webinar | How to optimize remediation projects

Sept. 26, 2023 - 2 pm CEST
Webinar - Online

Are you struggling to match the estimated volume of contaminated soil with the actual volume found during remediation, which may negatively impact the project's design, budget, and timeline? Join our upcoming webinar to discover a solution that enhances the precision and reliability of your predictions.

One step of a remediation project is to size the contaminated soil volumes and contaminant masses. It usually requires multiple software programs to produce 2D maps and delineate the pollution at various depths before calculating the impacted volumes, which can reveal tedious and rough. Fortunately, Geovariance simplifies the task by offering Kartotrak, a comprehensive 3D software solution that streamlines the process and enhances your efficiency and result reliability. Above all, Kartotrak provides an exclusive feature that enables you to analyze the cost-benefit ratio of your future rehabilitation projects accurately.


Join a free 30-minute webinar with Claire Faucheux, geostatistics specialist for contamination characterization at Geovariances, to learn techniques for risk-informed sizing of remediation works.


She will demonstrate how our software Kartotrak empowers you to:

  • Quantify in a robust way the masses and volumes of soil to be treated according to one or more remediation thresholds, depending on the remediation techniques and future site usage.
  • Quickly evaluate the efficiency of several remediation scenarios according to the risk of leaving soil with contamination above a remediation threshold.
  • Consider several thresholds at once for optimizing soil treatment processes or excavation.
  • Test the Pareto approach for maximizing treated masses while minimizing volumes to achieve satisfactory rehabilitation under good economic conditions.
  • Quickly deliver excavation plans and adapt them interactively to work constraints.



Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 2:00 pm CEST Paris time

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